Neigel Vintners Forgotten Virtue Hard Pear Cider

NV-forgottenVirtueHandsomely packaged in its 250ml. metal cylinder, the NV Cider Forgotten Virtue begins as a slightly cloudy, light hay colored liquid with little or no head to speak up upon pouring. The nose of this perry is dominated by under-ripe pear, citrus, and high-toned floral notes, along with a bit of vinegar on the nose. I’ve never smelled a perry that had this aromatic profile. The pear is most definitely muted by the floral and citrus notes. It is a light bodied drink on the palate. Though lacking much of a head upon pouring, the effervescence is very evident on the palate. Slight tannic elements are buried in acid. The flavor profile is, again, very citrus-driven. However the pear comes through more prominently in the flavors than in the aroma. And again, there is a very different kind of floral/metallic/vinegar note in the flavors. In it own way, this pear cider has much in common with Spanish Asturian cider. This is pretty unique pear cider. It does not possess the typical aromatic and flavor profile one expects from a straight pear cider. That said, I believe some will find this cider immensely refreshing.

Neigel Vintners

Alcohol: 6%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: Unknown Pear
Price: $9.99 / 250ml. Four Pack
Rating: 3\ stars

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