Oliver’s Bittersweet Funk Dry Cider

OLIVERS-Bittersweet-FunkA richly golden cider, the Oliver’s Bittersweet Funk Dry Cider has an interesting amber edge to its color that suggests something a bit more substantial to come. The most immediate aroma here is a roasted apple character that seems to migrate to hints of clove and other slight spice aromas. There is also a sweet herbal note on the nose that I find in a number of English ciders. While not necessarily weighty in body, it has that impression upon tasting due to this cider’s emphasis on astringent tannins. As noted, this is a dry cider. It is also still. So don’t feel gyped when you don’t get that sparkle. The flavors here are primarily dried apples, notes of mushroom, a slice of vegetable, and yeast/Brett notes. The finish is long. Quite long. This particular cider, due to the prominence of tannin, is screaming for food to be served alongside it. I would love to taste something like a pan seared pork chop bathed in a cider/thyme reduction alongside this. What’s missing for me here is a slightly more expressive apple character. This is just me wishing, however, as the Oliver’s Bittersweet funk is really lovely one as is. This and other Oliver’s ciders are imported into the U.S. By The Shelton Brothers.

Oliver’s Cider and Perry

Alcohol: 6.9%
Source: Herefordshire
Fruit: Traditional bittersweet and bittersharp
Price: $11.99 / 750ml
Rating: 4\ stars

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