2014 Quebrada Del Chucao Sidra Espumante

2014QuebradaSidraMy first Chilean cider looks a great deal like Champagne with its muted gold coloring and brilliantly clear appearance. Pouring with a sparkle that calms considerably after left in the glass for a time. The nose is rustic and country and expressive. Not barnyardy, but it does possess a very intriguing dankyness. The apple aromas are that of ripe to overripe apple and they hop out of the glass. Notes of bread. Slight hints of nail polish and yeast. The cider is near completely dry and notable for intense sour apple flavors, a saltiness, mineral and slate flavors all topped by the barest bitterness. This is acid and effervescence-driven cider that is very nicely built. Balance and expressive flavors and aromas make this a very impressive effort. The cider is produced from apples grown in the southern reaches of Chile in the Araucania region and reportedly made from apples grown on 60-year-old tries. Highly recommended.

Alcohol: 7.5%
Source: Chile - Araucania region
Fruit: 60 year old trees
Price: $14.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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