Ribela Sidra Natural – Spain

RibelaLogoRibela is a Spanish cidermaker from the Galician region in Northwestern Spain where cider has been produced for centuries and is a culture unto itself. Ribela is imported by the Shelton Brothers in Massachusetts, who have put together a very eclectic collection of ciders from various cidermaking regions.

Ribelabottle1No head, but clearly effervescent is this Galician sidra. Its light golden color is slightly clouded. The musty, vinegary, citrusy nose on this cider squarely identifies it a Spanish. But in addition to these dominant aromas, you’ll note a floral character on the nose that is very pleasant. The weight is only moderate and on the palate there is only a tiny bit of sparkle. The flavors of this lovely sidra fall into the lemony, tart, vinegar realm. Acid overwhelms any tannin and there is little to no sweetness detected here. Winemakers and wine drinkers encountering this drink for the first time would surely identify the relatively high levels of volatile acidity as a fault. But ignore these voices. This is very nicely balanced, very bright Spanish cider.




Alcohol: 5.5%
Source: Galicia, Spain
Fruit: Heirloom Spanish Apples
Price: $11.99 / 700ml bottle
Rating: 3.5\ stars

2 Responses to “Ribela Sidra Natural – Spain”

  1. Jose

    Galician a cider producer from centuries??? are you crazy???
    Galizia is a main “white wine” region.
    Maybe 1 or 2 persons produce cider like a hobby in the whole region.
    Ribela is the only proper producer in the whole region since a few years ago but most of cider consumed in Galicia is made in Asturias. And in fact, it´s not the cider asturians drink, so some producers make a sweet, carbonated product for galizian palates, far away from the traditional dry and acidic asturian cider.
    Yes, Ribela is a galizian cider, but sorry, there is no cider tradition there.
    Even Ribela is using traditional asturian bottles, equipment and design.


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