Sea Cider Kings and Spies Hard Cider

SeaKingsSpiesSea Ciders Kings & Spies is richly golden with a tinge of yellow and green on the edge. A full head arises upon pour, but disappears nearly immediately. The cider’s aromas lean toward the baked apple, rather than fresh. A yeasty note sits on top introducing the apple aromas. The slightest note of funk is in deeper, but it doesn’t compete with the apple that rises out of the glass. It’s a medium bodied cider that has delicious balance of acidity and tannin. The sting of alcohol hits the palate too, but it’s not overwhelming. And though you won’t notice as the cider sits in the glass, on the palate effervescence enlivens the drink. The complexity of the nose follows through on the palate with a shower of flavors including both fresh and baked apple, sweet citrus notes, a hit of bitter and funk. Finally the finish delivers the tannin in more force along with a bitter apple note hanging around. This is really lovely cider that delivers a bit of a kick, but doesn’t dwell on its alcohol. It’s a voluptuously built cider.

Alcohol: 8%
Source: British Columbia
Fruit: King of Tomkin, Northern Spy and other British Columbia Heritage Apples
Price: $22.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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