Sea Cider Pippins Hard Cider

SeaPippinSea Cider’s Pippin possesses a clear, lovely light gold color reminiscent of a young Chardonnay. Though bubbles and foam form upon pouring it quickly quiets down to simply clear liquid. The aroma is dominated by apple notes that move between fresh and baked. The nose is expressive and full, but one-dimensional. But if you like apples, this is ok. There is a certain weightiness to the Pippin derived primarily from the left over sugar in the drink as well as from the alcohol (9.5%) which is indeed noticeable. Little to no fizz on the tongue. Sweet and sugared apple combine with alcohol notes to define the flavor profile. Some tropical notes appear to. The finish leaves a bitter hint on the mid palate, derived I’m sure from the alcohol. This is relatively big cider that demands the imbiber be happy to get cooked after a bottle.

Alcohol: 9.5%
Source: British Columbia
Fruit: Newton Pippin
Price: $22.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 3\ stars

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