Sea Cider Prohibition Hard Cider

SeaProhibitionThe Prohibition from British Columbia’s Sea Cider possesses an unusually dark color, reminiscent of a cognac or American brandy. A clear liquid with reddish-brown hues and virtually no bubbles make it a visual standout. Once you bring this cider to your nose you understand what it’s about. Aromas of burnt alcohol jump out of the glass. Along with this unusual note for a hard apple cider comes rich vanilla and caramel aromas, all acting as foreplay for the baked apple aroma that floats under everything. I am not a fan of excessive alcohol in hard cider, but it’s difficult to deny that when presented with these other characteristics it draws one’s nose back down into the glass. As you might expect, this is weighty cider. The weight is primarily a function of the alcohol, which is undeniable and somewhat searing to the palate. Still, tannin makes and entrance, but unaccompanied by much in the way of acid. As for the taste of the Prohibition, one is confronted with a distinctive woodiness that channels more caramel, a green and bitter note, well-aged apples and an overripe lemon flavors. It’s unusual. The finish is all about the alcohol. This is a very interesting cider. It’s different. And its aggressive. It’s something of a novelty. It also demonstrates that the nuance of the fermented apple juice as a very difficult time competing with alcohol once the level of that byproduct of fermentation rises to a point.

Alcohol: 12.5%
Source: British Columbia
Fruit: Winter Bananas, Stayman’s Winesap and other British Columbia Heritage Apples
Price: $24.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 3.5\ stars

2 Responses to “Sea Cider Prohibition Hard Cider”

  1. Kate

    I agree that this is aggressive. I started out liking it, but by the second half of the glass, maybe because it had warmed up a bit, I was a bit over it. Thankfully I was lucky enough to find it at a bar, by the glass. If I had just tried a couple sips I probably would have bought a bottle, but especially for the high price (although its closer to $20 than $25 near me), I’m glad I didn’t. I think this is a cider more so to have a very small glass of, not drink in any significant quantity (especially with the high ABV). I also think just a tad more sweetness would help (and apparently this is one of their sweeter offerings).


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