2014 Shacksbury Arlo Craft Cider

Shacksbury arloProduced by the respected Vermont Cidery, the Arlo presents itself with a brilliant gold robe that holds very few bubbles. Aromatically one confronts a rather assertive aroma of nail polish, combined with very ripe to cooked apples. The nail polish notes aren’t vinegar notes. Think subtle kambucha. On the palate the cooked apple and nail polish notes are continued. But there’s more. Very ripe citrus flavors emerge. The structure is beautiful. Great acidic pillars are wrapped with polished tannins. A hint of effervescence is detected. The bottle notes that this is dry cider. We detect a hint of residual sugar. In the end this is fairly intense cider with a very particular flavors and aromas that will appeal cider geeks looking for something different. Very interesting cider.



Alcohol: 6.2%
Source: Vermont
Fruit: Bittersweets and others
Price: $9.00 / 500ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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