Schilling & Company Hopped Cider

Schilling HoppedThe Schilling from the Seattle cidery begins with a good fizz of small bubbles that disappear into a light Gold/yellow clear cider. The nose is dominated by the floral signature of hops that is fairly dominant. Underneath drift distinct notes of citrus, ripe apple, a slight barnyardy funk and honey. On the palate a slightly sweet floral signature spreads out about the palate with ripe and underripe apple flavors trailing behind. This is acid driven cider with only remnants of tannin. The 6.5% alcohol barely shows up in the flavor. It finishes fairly long for a somewhat one-dimensional hopped cider. It’s well made, refreshing and distinctive and something that the Hop-heads will enjoy.

Alcohol: 6.5%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: Apples
Price: $2.70 / 12oz
Rating: 3\ stars

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