Sidro Baladin (France)

sidrologo1Sidro Baladin is produced for an Italian firm by Ciderie, Maeyaert, a French ciderie located in the Oise region of northern France. For those who are familiar with the elegant ciders produced by Le Pere Jules, Eric Bordelet or Druin, this particular cider will stop you in your tracks. It is not the same thing. I can appreciate this style without necessarily liking it.

SidroDark and richly golden, slightly cloudy and with a slight head forming out of the bottle. From this first look, everything looks A-Ok. Now…smell this. There is a distinct mead-like character to the nose on the Sidro Baladin. Honey, roasted butter, warm cheese and notes of spoiled pineapple define this French cider. The medium weight cider appears to me to be produced with primarily dessert apples. Very little tannin and very little acidity accompany the sweet pear, pineapple and musty flavors that star here. There is a cloying character on the palate due to a lack of both acidity and tannin. Finally, the cheesy quality in the nose follows through on the palate. This cider would benefit from a higher percentage of sharp apples in the blend and less sugar.



Alcohol: 4.5%
Source: France
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $7.99 / 8.4 oz bottle
Rating: 1.5\ stars

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