Sonoma Cider “The Pitchfork” Pear Cider

sonoma-the-pitchforkSonoma Cider’s “The Pitchfork” pear cider delivers a light golden, clear pour and leaves a circle of foam around the edge. It’s pretty. The nose throws a searing candied pear aroma; a very sweet, linear aroma of pear that leaves little to the imagination. Additionally, there is a distinct floral note in this pear cider, a note that leans toward honeysuckle or lemon blossom. It’s a light bodied cider on the palate that shows its effervescence, good acidity and a hint of tannin around the edge. It’s a very interesting flavor mix here. Again with the floral character. There’s the feeling of sucking on blossoms then licking a sweet pear. Sugar is evident, but hardly the dominant characteristic. Just enough to make you smile and take another sip. This is an interesting, well-rendered, highly aromatic pear cider that is going to please lots of drinkers.

Sonoma Cider Website

Alcohol: 6%
Source: Sonoma County, California
Fruit: Pears of unknown origin
Price: $10.99 / 4 12oz bottles
Rating: 4\ stars

2 Responses to “Sonoma Cider “The Pitchfork” Pear Cider”

  1. Scott R.

    I agree with you on this on 100 percent. I picked up one bottle of this at Costco along with 3 bottles of the Hatchet and wish I had done it the other way around. I liked this a quite a lot and wish I knew what the mix of pear/apple/pear essense is so I have a reference point when tasting other perrys.


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