South Hill Cider Company Soundpost Cider

SouthHillSoundpostSouth Hill’s Soundpost Cider pours a lovely pale straw color, delivers a light foam, then calms and releases its team of lazy, tiny bubbles. Aromatically, the Soundpost offers a complex array of nutty, caramel and tart apple notes. A slight hint of funkiness resides in the nose, but overall this is a clean, pleasing aromatic profile. The palate is treated to a lovely balance of acid and fine tannins that doesn’t have to support much in the way of sugar or alcohol residue. A medium battery of bubbles excites the palate. The flavor profile features fresh tart apple, a compelling little bitter note, sweet herbs, and a nice dollop of fresh citrus flavors. These flavors area very well-integrated together, nothing hangs off the side. Finally, while I think this is touch of residual sugar in this cider, it doesn’t make much of an appearance and for all intents and purposes this is a fine, dry cider. Finally, the finish on this beauty is long and lasting, a feature one tends to get in far more extracted, dense ciders. The finish is also the location of the more prominent tannins. In all this is a lovely, elegant cider that shows a deft hand by its makers and puts another star on New York’s cider tally. One more note. Do not chill this cider down too much and do not pour it over ice. It blooms when just under room temperature (a cooler room)

Alcohol: 7.4%
Source: New York
Fruit: Dabinet, Newtown Pippin, Ellis bitter, Brown Snout, Roxbury Russet
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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