2015 South Hill Cider Pomme Sur Lie

Steve Selin foraged wild apples from New York’s Finger Lakes region, as he is wont to do. This cider received a somewhat more extravagant handling, using barrel fermentation then allowing the cider to age sur lie for nine months in old, used oak barrels. The cider pours with a golden hue, clear, and without any effervescence. It has the look of a middle-aged Sauterne. Stewy apple aroma comes to the fore first along with notes of apricot, clean funk and a honeyed/vannila edge. The most beautiful thing about this cider is its balance and structure. Both still and dry, the Pomme Sur Lie delivers soft, grippy tannins that don’t come off as astringent as described on the bottle. Clean acidity abounds. Flavors of tart to ripe apple are pronounced, along with noticeable citrus flavors, a certain savory quality, and faint herbal notes. If this reads like the cider is complex and interesting then I’ve properly conveyed what is in the bottle. This is a perfect dinner cider. I’d serve it alongside a rich pork roast, Coq au Vin, and even a leaner cut of fine beef such as Filet Mignon. Beautiful cider.

Alcohol: 8.2%
Source: Finger Lakes Region
Fruit: Wild Apples
Price: $20.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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