South Hill Cider Stone Fence Farm 2015

Another of Steve Selin’s new small batch dry and still ciders. The Stone Fence Farm 2015 is produced from a blend of several cider and heirloom apple trees growing on the Stone Fence Farm in Trumansburg in Upstate New York. Arriving still and brilliantly clear in the glass, a rich golden/yellow hue makes a pretty sight in the glass. The aromatics are strewn with ripe apple, the barest note of the savage. Notes of wet cement curl around the apple aromas. The impact on the palate is of pure apple, with a barest sweet apple note. A lemony edge to the flavors gives the cider’s acidic scaffolding a lift up. This is very elegant cider that also displays a richness and really deserves to be taken with a full table of food and friends. The cider finishes long and with the light tannins shining. It’s a beautiful blend of apples and a top rank cider.

Alcohol: 7.5%
Source: Stone Fence Farm, Trumansburg, NY
Fruit: Golden and Roxbury Russets, Redfield, Tremletts Bitter, Bramleys Seedling, Zabergau Reinette, Kingston Black, Major, Michelin, Medaille d'Or, Chisel Jersey, Brown Snout, Esopus Spitzenburg, Sops of Wine, Granny Smith, Foxwhelp, Winter Banana, Calville Blanc, Cox's Orange Pippin, Sheepnose
Price: $24.00/750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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