Specific Gravity 2013 Nana Mae’s Early Harvest Heirloom Semi Still Hard Cider

SpecificGravNanaRichly golden in color and crystal clear. No discernible bubbles despite its “semi-still” status. Aromas on this hard cider from Sonoma County’s new Specific Gravity Cider Company are very similar to its other bottling: ripe, rich, straightforward apple, along with sliver of nutmeg wafting up. On the palate this cider is slightly lacking in acid. However, the hint of effervescence and accompanying tannins balance the sweetness. This slight sparkle and tannin saves the day. There is a rich mouthfeel here and the cider has a weighty character. It feels good all around. One the palate a really beautiful set of apple flavors, both fresh and stewed hit hard. These are ripe apple flavors along with the sweetness one would expect from a ripe Gravenstein right off the tree. The finish carries on with the apple and is notably long and disappears only after leaving behind a tannic grip. This is really lovely cider that will excite a lot of people. It needs a bit more acid, but even so…beautiful.

Specific Gravity Cider Company

Alcohol: 6.9%
Source: Sonoma County, California
Fruit: Dry Farmed, Organic Gravenstein Apples
Price: $14.00 / 750ml
Rating: 4\ stars

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  1. John KRAEMER

    Congratulations on the website launch and the positive review on the cider. You are making the dream a reality. Great work


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