Stem Ciders “Le Chene” Barrel Aged Dry Hard Cider

le-cheneSTEMStem’s barrel aged Le Chene casts a beautiful rosy hue in the glass along with persistent foaming bubbles before giving way to a lovely, clear liquid that really ought to be shown off and not drunk in a glass that might hide its hue. Aromatically this cider is a delight. Notes of fresh sliced apples eventually give way to a more cooked apple character. We detect floral notes too along with a spiciness that falls into the cinnamon spectrum. Very inviting. Medium bodied in weight, the Le Chene runs mainly on its acidic core with the barest note of tannin. We also note the impression of alcohol, but not in any significant amount. The bottle says dry. However, we do detect some residual sugar, a character of the flavor profile that wraps itself beautifully around a very complex set of flavors including tart apple, allspice, a woodiness and a bit of mandarin orange. The finish is long and here again we detect the slightest hint of residual sugar. This is very good cider, very clean cider, very interesting cider and very well made cider,

Alcohol: 6.4%
Source: Colorado
Fruit: "Traditional Cider Apples"
Price: $13.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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