Stem Ciders “Malice” Dry Hard Cider

STEM-maliceA very clear pale gold and moderately effervescent liquid emerges from the bottle of this Denver cidery’s most straightforward cider. Once the quick dissipating foam disappears you have a collection of fat, large bubbles clinging to the glass. The nose on the Malice is straight up, fresh, ripe apple, without the sugary aromas too many have come to associate with this beverage. Underneath the fresh apple aromas you’ll find the slightest hint of yeast and citrus. On the palate you’ll find this cider light and refreshing, only a slight prick of bubbling, and driven primarily by an acid-built structure. The cider in near completely dry, so no weight is added by sugar or in fact by any significant hint of alcohol. Flavor-wise, the Malice serves up fresh tart apple, mineral notes, hints of quinine and lemon. The finish is somewhat short, but leaves the cider lover with a refreshed palate. This is a lovely, straight-forward cider that will work well on its own as a pick-me up or with a number of lighter foods.

Alcohol: 6.8%
Source: Colorado
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $12.00 / 750ml
Rating: 3\ stars

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