Stem Ciders “Remedy” Dry Hopped Hard Cider

remedy_bottleSTEMThis hopped cider from Denver’s newish Stem Ciders arrives in the glass on the back of a clear, quick foaming, Champagne-like liquid. The aroma is dominated by intensely floral and fresh hop notes. Not much else can get by the floral hoppyness, but if you dig deep you’ll detect notes of citrus and cannabis…But not much apple. Not much weightiness to this cider, nor do you detect the cloy of sugar or even the pinch of alcohol. A nice balance of both acid and tannin play with each other. The origin of the juice is more pronounced in the taste than in the aroma. Yes, the floral hops dominate the flavor profile, but you can dig down past that and encounter your tart apple flavors. The finish is somewhat short as the tannin character diminishes fairly quickly. This cider is nearly a one trick pony, dominated as it is by pretty assertive hops. It certainly will be appreciated by those who like their beers hoppy. And it must be said that the Remedy is a very clean, very well made cider. However, you will need to like your cider hopped in the extreme.

Alcohol: 6.7%
Source: Colorado
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $13.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 3\ stars

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