Thatchers Gold English Cider

ThatchersGoldCrystal clear and dark gold, the “Gold” offering from England’s famous Thatchers cidery is a new arrival on American shores after more than 100 years of cidermaking in Somerset, England. The nose is relatively clean with its overripe apple nose, hints of sweet funkiness and sweet lemon side notes. On the palate the medium-bodied structure is built around a healthy dose of chalky tannins and smooth sugars. The Thatchers Gold has a flavor profile built around a core caramelized apple notes. It’s a sweet cider that hints at the funkiness that one often finds is England’s West County ciders, yet stays on the “clean” side. At only 4.8% alcohol and relatively sweet and apple-y, this is a cider meant for serious quaffing. Chill down and pour, repeat.

Alcohol: 4.8%
Source: Somerset
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $8.50 / 11.20z 4-pack
Rating: 2.5\ stars

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