Tilted Shed 2014 Graviva Blackberry

TiltedShed2014GravivaBlackPart of Tilted Shed’s Rare and Unusual Cider Series, the Graviva Blackberry from the 2014 harvest was produced in the tiniest of amounts: a mere 9 cases. The blackberry addition is evident in the purple tint of the cider, which also possesses quite visible effervescence, particularly upon pouring. The nose is an incredibly sweet and explosive blend of ripe apple, dark jam and cooked berry pie. Upon tasting there is no doubt this is an apple and blackberry blend, rather than a blackberry and apple blend. The pure, ripe apple flavors spread out over the palate and are then followed up by rich berry notes. A hint of bitter shows up on the finish. This is cider very reminiscent of red wine (Pinot Noir). It possesses a very rich tannin structure along with an unwavering thread of acidity from front to back. If you were ever wondering what cider to pair with a rare filet mignon, you now have the answer. This would be a perfect match. A beautiful effort by Tilted Shed.

Alcohol: 8%
Source: Sonoma County
Fruit: Gravenstein, Heirlooms, Bittersweets and Blackberry
Price: $25.00 / 750ml
Rating: 4.5\ stars

One Response to “Tilted Shed 2014 Graviva Blackberry”

  1. Ed. McGrath

    Tilted Shed produces some remarkable Ciders.

    The are now distributed by Lime Ventures in NorCal. So we are seeing more of their ciders!


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