Tilted Shed Ciderworks Semi-Dry Graviva Cider

GravivaTilted Shed’s 2013 Graviva showcases Sonoma C0unty’s Gravenstein apple, a variety of apple tree that once dominated the West Sonoma County landscape, but today has been replaced by Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards. The Graviva begins with a lovely head that dissipates into golden-colored sparkling liquid. Swirl to get the foam back! The nose on this cider is pure. Really pure green and tart apple. An aroma of yeasty funk lingers in the background that isn’t separate, but well-integrated into the apple aromas. There is a rich texture to the Graviva along with a semi-muscular sparkle. What’s particularly impressive here is the acid-tannin balance that creates a smooth vessel for the semi-sweet flavors. Those flavors begin with an underripe apple character, moves on to a slight bitter note, continues along with a lemony ripeness and finishes with a smack of tannin on the back of the palate. The 8% alcohol is relatively high for cider, yet the alcohol in no way impacts the character of the cider other than to perhaps give the body a bit more weight. This is very pretty, delicious cider that does the Gravenstein apple and Sonoma County proud. I want to urge readers to let this Gaviva warm up to just below room temperature rather than drinking too cold. Letting it warm up in the glass lets it all really shine. Tilted She Ciderworks.

Alcohol: 8%
Source: Sonoma County, California
Fruit: Gravenstein apples and various cider apple varieties
Price: $14.99
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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