Valveran Brut Sparkling Cider

Valveran_finalThe Valveran Brut Asturian sparkling cider is built to be Cava via apples. And it succeeds out of the gate with a very active head of foam that slowly dissipates into a richly colored gold liquid showcasing fast rising, medium-sized bubbles. It looks beautiful in a flute. The nose doesn’t reveal its Asturian origin. This is refined and clean sparkling cider that promotes very fresh, ripe apple aromas on top of a hint of wet dough and momentary aromatics of a melange of herbs with only a modicum of the tell-tale Asturian nail polish character. It’s a relatively girthy cider too. Hefty tannins of silk and a forward effervescence weigh on the palate. The flavors here are intense and complex. Salty apple notes, rich citrus flavors and wood combine together into something difficult to pull apart. There is a brawniness to this sophisticated cider. It’s highly extracted and both feels, smells and tastes this way without being overbearing and without the heavy acetic notes. You will be tempted to serve this beautiful drink as an aperitif, as thought it is Champagne. Don’t. Take the opportunity to serve it alongside a main course of roast pork, grilled fish, and certainly Coq au Vin. Rowan Imports, which imports this and numerous other fine ciders, has brought a very interesting, very delicious cider to the American marketplace. Unfortunately, the entire years production amounts to little over 1,000 cases

Alcohol: 7.5%
Source: Asturia
Fruit: Traditional Asturian Cider Apples
Price: $16.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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