Vins Arista Pomme de Coeur

pommedcoeurThe Pomme de Coeur is a dessert cider that sits in the glass as a clear, inviting, seductive golden liquid. Aromas of reduced apple syrup, honey, apricot tart and caramel. On the palate the intensely sweet apple notes jump up and grab you. The honey in the nose as well as the caramel fade and the ultra sweet, reduced, clean apple flavors shine. It’s a dessert cider that needs to be drunk particularly well chilled not merely because of the significant amounts of sugar, but because the necessary acidity just isn’t here. Let it warm up a bit too much and it becomes cloying. Produced by Vins Arista out of Quebec, this cider may not be complex, it may not be well-balanced, but out of the bottle cold and into a glass next to an apple pie it will shine and paint smiles around the table.

Alcohol: 6.9%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: apple
Price: 9.00 / 375ml.
Rating: 2.5\ stars

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