Virtue Cider “Nichols Farm” Estate Series Hard Cider

VirtueNicholsThe first of Virtue’s tributes to its orchardists, the Nichols Farms Cider, sports a rich gold color out of the bottle with very few bubbles showing up. The aromas are driven by distinct and riveting ripe apple notes. The Nichols also delivers an interesting orange aroma along with something like five spice over in the corner. It really sports a beautiful set of aromas. This is medium bodied cider with noticeable effervescence and is driven more by its acidity than any bitter astringency. The weight comes from the juice, not sugar. The flavors too are focused on ripe, beautiful apple flavors. These are followed by something along the lines of a salty lemon flavor, a hint of funky brett and dried cherry. The finish is light and relatively long. It’s a beautiful cider.

Alcohol: 6.8%
Source: Illinois
Fruit: Cox Orange Pippin and other Unknown apple varieties
Price: $11.49 / 750ml
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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