Viuda de Angelon 1947 Sidra Natural

viuda-de-angelon-sidra-1947-naturalViuda de Angelon’s “1947” Sidra is produced from a selection of apple varieties grown in their estate orchards in Spain’s Asturias region. Displaying only slight effervescence upon pouring, the glass is filled with clear golden liquid that supports clinging medium-sized bubbles. Fresh and cooked apple notes rise up first, followed in short order by medium weight acetic aromas.  Aromatically, this is a very clean Asturian cider. It’s medium in weight on the palate and benefits from not going to hard on the chill. Structurally, this sidra sports a very nice and complete balance of tannin and acid. There is weight added from residual sugar, but it does not dominate. The flavor profile is a deft combination of sour apple, citrus, vinegar, and herbs, all nicely balanced with the vinegar flavors somewhat in the lead. The “1947” does possess a very lengthy finish that possesses a near oily texture. This is very nice Spanish cider that deserves a space in any cider aficionado’s collection.



Alcohol: 6%
Source: Asturia
Fruit: Heirloom Spanish Apples
Price: $15.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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