Viuda de Angelon Sidre Brut

ViudaSidraThe Viuda pours with a brilliant gold color and delivers consistent bubbles, acting very champagne-like. The nose sports a complex combination of fresh, yeasty bread, ripe apples, a hint of sour and mineral notes. On the palate the body is rich and, again, has Champagne-level effervescence. The acid isn’t too strong here, leaving the bubbles to wash the palate. There is an oily apple character to the flavor of this sparkling cider. The rich apple character substitutes for the lack of sugar. A hint of citrus stands near also along with a earthen character and a hint of brett. There is a rough elegance to this Spanish sparkler that is very appealing. Think Johnny Depp dressed in white.

Alcohol: 6.2%
Source: Asturias
Fruit: Traditional Spanish Cider Apples
Price: 17.99 / 750ml
Rating: 4\ stars

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