Wandering Aengus Dry Oaked Cider

WAengusDryOakedThe Oregon-based Wandering Aengus Ciderworks used apples from its own orchards in the state to deliver a very nice looking, lightly golden cider. The aromas of this cider lead with apple, but a woody character, no doubt from the way in which this cider become “dry oaked”, also contributes and important element to the aromas. This combination of aromas are unusual for an American cider and may not appeal to those looking for a sweet, ripe apple nose. This cider is medium bodied on the palate with an impressive demonstration of how to lead with tannin, but not go overboard nor leave the acid behind. However, as the name of the cider promises, the sweet doesn’t make an appearance except perhaps on the far horizon in the finish. The sparkle here is minimal. The flavors in this cider are what is going to make cider lovers perk up and take notice. This is savory cider that is still able to deliver a fresh, bright flavor profile. Apple, thyme, lemon citrus all mingle together competing. This is beautifully complex cider that deserves to be served alongside a fine meal because it will make that fine meal finer. The finish is propelled by tannin extracted from the bittersweet apples and the wood. Really very beautiful cider.

Wandering Aengus Ciderworks Website

Alcohol: 6.2%
Source: Oregon Orchards
Fruit: Bittersweet and Sharp varieties of heirloom apples
Price: $9.50 / 16.9 oz
Rating: 4\ stars

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