West County Cider “Pippin”

WestCountyPippinGolden yellow with a red tint, luminous and clear upon pouring, the West County Pippin delivers the bubbles that remain small and rise in the glass at their leisure. Very pretty. A ripe to ripe/tart apple nose dominates this 100% Tremblett’s Bitter varietal cider. A hint of the herbaceous can be detected too. This is not a cider for those who like their hard cider funky or laced with brett. It is streamlined apple and very clean. A medium weight cider, the Pippin is probably most impressive for the near perfect balance of astringent tannins and bracing acidity. Add to this the miniscule but inviting sweet sugar and you have the makings of specialness. On the palate the tart apple flavor is piercing and long, finishing for a good minute. This isn’t necessarily a complex cider that blends many different flavor components, but the structure is near perfect, the apple aromas and flavors honest and real and, again, it is a beautiful cider to look at. West County Cider in Massachusetts continues to demonstrate it ranks at the highest echelon of the American craft cider movement.

Alcohol: 5.8%
Source: Massachusetts (Pine Hill Orchard
Fruit: 100% Tremblett's Bitter
Price: 14.99
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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