West County McIntosh Wheel-View Orchard “M2” Hard Cider

WestCountyMcIntoshM2Without much information available at writing, we presume this cider is made largely from the McIntosh Apple grown in the Wheel-View Orchard in Shelburne, Massachusetts. A slightly darker than average gold with mirror-like clarity. The aromas are beguiling if not straightforward: Sweet, ripe apple aromas jump out of the glass. This singular sweet apple aroma dominates anything else that might be stuck down in there. It’s medium bodied cider with its weight carried on the back of residual sugar. A good dose of effervescence provides nice balance. The flavors slavishly follow the nose delivering up true, very ripe and very authentic apple notes. The tannin in this cider show off in the finish, making it a brilliant candidate to pair with strong, sweet, creamy cheeses. One final note. This is the cider that the large commercial cideries want to be able to make: a sweet cider for sweet-oriented palates, but with a true purity of fruit and excellent balance, nice acidity and hosting real apple tannins. This is not complex hard cider, but it is brilliantly built.

West County Cider—Colrain, MA

Alcohol: 6.5%
Source: Wheel View Orchard—Shelburne, MA
Fruit: McIntosh
Price: 16.99 / 750m.
Rating: 4\ stars

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