Wildcide Wild Mule Ginger/Lime Cider

Wildcide is a newish brand produced out of San Jose, California with culinary apples grown in the Hood River area of Oregon. This particular cider, with apples at its base, was designed to approximate or honor the cocktail, the Moscow Mule, and given the name, Wild Mule. Slightly cloudy with a very pale straw color. In order to drink this cider with any amount of satisfaction, you are going to have to really enjoy the aroma of ginger. I mean, REALLY enjoy it. I let it sit in the glass for an hour, taking whiffs every ten minutes or so. You are REALLY going to have to like the smell of ginger. The blanket of ginger doesn’t let anything else through, including the lime. On the palate you get an effervescent drink with a good bolt of acidity. The palate is, well, ginger. LOTS of ginger. This isn’t the worst idea for a cider…not by a long shot. But in order for it to work they must back off the ginger. Way off the ginger. This cider is literally liquid ginger.

Alcohol: 5.2%
Source: Hood River Region, Oregon
Fruit: Culinary Apples
Price: $11.99 / six 12oz bottles
Rating: 2\ stars

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