William Tell Dry Hard Apple Cider With Wild Cherry

WilliamTellWildCherryClear pale ruby in color with few if any bubbles or bubbling to speak of. Stir it about a bit to conjure up some quick foaming. The cherry aroma is prominent here, with sweet apple notes right up along side. Not much beyond this, but the apple and cherry are assertive and almost candied in nature. The flavors are different from the aroma. On the palate you get a cider not nearly as sweet (though still sweet) as the aromas suggest. It’s all about the sour cherry and ripe apple, with the sour cherry notes in the fore. An odd brown sugar or burn sugar note clings to the finish. The acid is pretty good here, but look for no tannin and only moderate effervescent. This is the best of the Cider Brother’s newest, flavored ciders. It can be enjoyed cold, but resist the ice.


Alcohol: 6%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: apple and cherry
Price: $3.00 / 16oz can
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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