William Tell Hard Apple Cider with Pinot Grigio

William Tell Cider- Pinot GrigioPrintVersionYou don’t see an apple cider produced also with grape wine every day. With this cider from The Cider Brothers, the Italian Pinot Grigio grape, grown in California, is added to the apple cider. First, it looks identical to Pinot Grigio with its pale straw coloring and fine clarity. Still, the initial aroma is decidedly that of apple. It is a sweet apple aroma that rises out of the glass in substantial degree. The aromas of the Pinot Grigio is masked to a degree, but still very identifiable. On the palate this cider delivers a good dose of effervescence and is a light bodied cider with fine acidity and no bitter or astringent character. The flavors here are dominated by a candied apple that isn’t cloying, but it does have a Jolly Rancher character that will appeal to many. Flavors of ripe lime mixes in here as does a dose of the Pinot Grigio. There is also a sweet herbaceous note on the palate that is welcome adds complexity. This is an interesting cider that can deliver an element of crossover for wine drinkers considering making the move to cider. What they will find is a delicious cider that is refreshing, easy to drink, and delivers a substantial mix of attractive aroma and flavors.

Alcohol: 6.5%
Source: California
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $8.99 / 22oz
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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