Woodchuck Campfire Pancakes Smoked Maple Hard Cider

Woodchuck-CampfireA cider not without precedent as maple has been used as an addition to cider for centuries and a few cideries are in fact smoking apples (pommace) to add complexity to their cider. To begin, it is a clear, effervescent cider with a light gold hue. To continue, it is so completely overdosed with maple aromas as to make it nothing more than a novelty effort. The nose is completely dominated by maple notes and the barest hint of smoky character. There is little or no apple character in sight.  This is extraordinarily sweet cider that is dominated by the flavor of maple, the barest hint of apple and an artificial citrus note on the finish. The structure is soft and inconsequential. If it wasn’t 5.5% alcohol, I’d feed it to my little boy when he is in the mood for candy. Unfortunate.

Alcohol: 5.5%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $10.00 / six pack of 12oz.
Rating: 1\ stars

One Response to “Woodchuck Campfire Pancakes Smoked Maple Hard Cider”

  1. Kate (cidersays)

    I too thought the scent was overpowering. It actually lingered in the room hours after I finished the cider. The first couple sips weren’t bad, but after that, I wasn’t impressed.


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