Woodchuck Private Reserve Cherry Barrel Aged Cider

Woodchuckprivate-reserve-cherryVery pretty in the glass with small bubbles swimming in a bright ruby colored liquid. The nose showcases the added cherry juice along with a ripe, sweet apple character. The flavor profile is generous and a nice complex mix of sweet apple, sweet cherry and hints of citrus on the finish. Very clean and effervescent, this is very serviceable cider for those who enjoy a sweet, acidy apple cider and the flavor of cherries.

Alcohol: 6.9%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $12.00 / Six Pack of 12oz bottles
Rating: 2.5\ stars

One Response to “Woodchuck Private Reserve Cherry Barrel Aged Cider”

  1. Kate (cidersays)

    The first time I tried this I was pretty impressed for commercial cider; it had some great complexity with oak and red wine notes in addition to the cherry. I actually bought a six pack. Too bad this time around I only picked up the cherry, very very little oak and red wine. I found it semi-sweet to semi-dry, less sweet than most commercial ciders.


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