Wyder’s Dry Hard Apple Cider

WydersDryAppleWyder’s Dry Apple Cider starts with medium-sized bubbles rising enthusiastically through a pale gold liquid before settling on the edge of the glass where they collect in a thin foam ring. The aromas fall inside the Jolly Rancher Green apple realm, but also gives up a hint of citrus and yeast. It’s light bodied cider that is sticky and weighted with sugar. This is not “dry” cider. There is considerable residual sugar in this product. The flavors are sugar driven with an emphasis on candied apple. This cider needs to be somewhat drier and possess a bit more acidity. It finishes heavy with sugar. I want to reiterate, this is not “dry” cider as it says on the label. You must chill this down to enjoy it.

Alcohol: 5%
Source: Vermont
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $8.99 / 12 0z six pack
Rating: 1.5\ stars

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