Reviews of Sea Cider Hard Cider from BC

SeaciderlogoSea Cider Ciderhouse, located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, is the realized project of Kristen Jordan and one of the better known cideries in BC.

Sea Cider “Prohibition” Hard Cider3.5 STARS
Sea Cider “Pippins” Hard Cider3 STARS
Sea Cider “Kings & Spies” Hard Cider4 STARS

What makes Sea Cider so special is the source of its apples: they grow most if not all the of the certified organic apples that go into their “Kings & Spies”, Rumrunner (Prohibition), Pippin and other hard ciders. Located on 10 acres beside their ciderhouse are more than 13,000 apple trees representing more than 60 varieties of heirloom and cider apple varieties.

The Sea Cider orchard is devoted primarily to bittersweet varieties:

“Our orchard comprises 4 categories of cider apples: sweets, sharps, bittersweets and bittersharps. Primarily we SeaCiderOrchardgrow English bittersweets but also German, French and North American cider varieties. If there is one style of apple prized above all others by cider makers, it is the bittersweet apple. Affectionately referred to as a “spitter,” these apples are low in acid, high in tannin, and impart the classic flavor of finer French and English ciders. At first bite, most would consider bittersweet fruit inedible. But what is ill-suited for the fruit bowl is ideal for the cider press.”

We recently tasted three of their ciders, all of which are regularly in their line up. The quality of the Sea Ciders was consistently good. In the case of the three ciders tasted and reviewed at the Cider Journal, they all possessed higher than usual levels of alcohol and in some cases, that alcohol showed through in the cider as much as a feature of the cider than a component.

Sea Cider is not difficult to find in the U.S. However, we found these three at K&L Wine Merchants in California and we recommend you seek them out and try them.

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