Woodchuck Day Chaser Semi Dry Cider

Woodchuck Day Chaser Semi Dry Cider

Yellow/Gold, big bubbled and clear. The Day Chaser by Woodchuck is described as a semi-dry, sessionable cider. It pushes aromas of cooked and ripe apple and carries just the barest note of something funky and murky. The palate sports ripe apple flavors, sweet citrus notes and then falls off into a pretty sweet finish. The… Read more »

Woodchuck Campfire Pancakes Smoked Maple Hard Cider

Woodchuck Campfire Pancakes Smoked Maple Hard Cider

A cider not without precedent as maple has been used as an addition to cider for centuries and a few cideries are in fact smoking apples (pommace) to add complexity to their cider. To begin, it is a clear, effervescent cider with a light gold hue. To continue, it is so completely overdosed with maple… Read more »

Woodchuck Private Reserve Cherry Barrel Aged Cider

Woodchuck Private Reserve Cherry Barrel Aged Cider

Very pretty in the glass with small bubbles swimming in a bright ruby colored liquid. The nose showcases the added cherry juice along with a ripe, sweet apple character. The flavor profile is generous and a nice complex mix of sweet apple, sweet cherry and hints of citrus on the finish. Very clean and effervescent,… Read more »

2008 Eden Cellar Series #2 — The Falstaff Seven Year Cider

2008 Eden Cellar Series #2 — The Falstaff Seven Year Cider

Hello! The picture of this cider with its deep amber robe suggests intensity and lusciousness. Nothing about this seven-year barrel aged ice cider suggests otherwise. The nose is remarkable: Burnt sugar, fig, allspice, cinnamon, reduced apple, cooked raisins and oxidative notes all combine in a spectacularly intense and complex aromatic profile. The flavor profile is… Read more »

2014 Eden Cellar Series: #1 — Cinderella’s Slipper Dry & Still

2014 Eden Cellar Series: #1 — Cinderella's Slipper Dry & Still

Yellow/Gold and racked into near perfect clarity, this first installment of Eden’s Cellar Series is both dry and still. This is pungent cider resulting from its wild yeast fermentation and little or no help in the cellar. A bright funkiness is the most dominant aroma here. Notes of an herbal character, citrus and the barest… Read more »

Apple Outlaw Hoppin’ Holdup

Apple Outlaw Hoppin' Holdup

We begin with a clear golden liquid sporting only a scant evidence of effervescence. The nose is as advertised. First a liftoff of bright floral hops, coupled with citrus aroma and backed up by more subtle bright apple. There’s no dirt, funk or yard in the nose. The hoppiness is even more expressive in the… Read more »

Angry Orchard’s The Old Fashioned

Angry Orchard's The Old Fashioned

Angry Orchard’s newest product is called “The Old Fashioned”. For those of you who are not cocktail drinkers, the “Old Fashioned” is a classic cocktail that in its purest and best form is created with water, sugar, bitters and whiskey. Quite commonly, you will find bartenders produce this cocktail with the addition of muddled orange… Read more »

Big B’s One Night Fruit Stand Farmhouse Cider

Big B's One Night Fruit Stand Farmhouse Cider

The rich amber color of this apricot, cherry, apple cider is beautiful. Clear and bubble the dark robe on this unique Colorado cider is inviting. The nose is more apple (ripe apple) than anything else. Apricot aromas swell up from time to time but are still dominated by the ripe apple notes. It’s says it… Read more »

Big B’s Orchard Original Hard Cider

Big B's Orchard Original Hard Cider

Built on Winesap apples grown organically in Colorado North Fork Valley, the Orchard Original from Big B’s appears beautifully orange-verging-on-gold in the glass with a significant amount of bubbles quickly rising. The nose is down right decadent with its sweet apply reductive notes and caramel aromas. Something floral and spicy jumps off the nose too…. Read more »

Big B’s Harvest Apple Hard Cider

Big B's Harvest Apple Hard Cider

Harvest Apple from Colorado’s Big B’s is a clear, muted orange pour with moderate effervescence that produces a consistent rise of medium bubbles long after the foam recedes from view. The sweet culinary apples from which this cider is produced are on display in the aroma that sports a big, forward burst of sweet, ripe… Read more »