Samples Policy

We accept press samples at The Cider Journal, whether from producers, importers or wholesalers. While not necessary, it is best to contact TCJ before sending the samples to let us know what is being sent.

Along with the cider, we would request any background information you may have on the cider, in particular the source of the fruit, the type of fruit used to produce the cider, total production (if relevant), suggested retail price and any other information you can share about the cider and the cidery.

Samples Can be sent to:

The Cider Journal
1135 Serendipity Way
Napa, CA 94558

2 Responses to “Samples Policy”

  1. Kevin Van Reenen

    We are a new small cidery out of central Washington State. Owned by two brothers we use pears from our great grandfather’s 60+ year old orchard. Our company name, Neigel Vintners, comes from saving our grandfather’s last name Neigel (with a hard ‘G’ like the cider). He had our mother and aunt but the name was going to die out so we couldn’t see that happen and the name also worked well for us to transition to our trade name of NV Cider. Most of our flavors are a blending of d’anjou and Bartlett but we also do a bosc offering. The three flavors we submitted samples of are as follows:

    Pearfect Pie: Extremely unique harvest cider brings subtle vanilla and balanced cinnamon while retaining all there is to love from a great perry.

    Forgotten Virtue: This complex basque style perry pulls out all of the available tart found in a delicious blend of pear varieties.

    Gingerly Bold: A balanced addition of ginger contributes to a sharpened pear flavor that makes this perry great for any occasion.

    Suggested retail price for each of the flavors is $9.99 for a four pack of aluminum 250ml bottles. Our packaging has been a big success in our first year of production. We are looking at being about 1000 gallons of production annually but have the capacity to ramp up significantly going forward. Please check out our website for more information…

    Thank you for considering our pear blends for the Top Ciders of 2014.

  2. Shawn

    Just wanted to let you know I just dropped a box full of Big B’s Hard Cider samples with Fed Ex. You should see it in a few days, enjoy!



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