The Seriously Fun Ciders of 2 Towns Ciderhouse

TwoTownsCiderhouseWhether or not you like all the crazy ciders being made at 2 Towns Ciderhouse in Oregon, you’ve got to appreciate just how much fun those cidermakers are clearly having.

Barely 4 years old, 2 Towns Ciderhouse is the creation of three childhood friends who set up shop in Corvallis, Oregon with a goal: “advance the craft cider industry through mixing both old and new cider techniques and experimentation.” That’s marketing speak for “have a boatload of fun!”

And that they are.

We recently reviewed seven different ciders from 2 Towns. Some we liked more than others. But even so, there was great anticipation before cracking each and ever one of them. (See links to the reviews of 2 Towns Ciderhouse ciders below)

But these guys are serious too. Their ciders aren’t manipulated. No additions. Just fruit and yeast. 2townsCrewAdditionally, they’ve committed to not only using only Pacific Northwest fruit, but have also beginning in 2012 embarked on a long-term project to plant hundreds of cider trees in their own Oregon orchard. But their serious side doesn’t end there. They also produce a line of single-orchard ciders under the Traditions Ciderworks label that are delicious. (See our review of the Traditions line)

But back to the fun. How about a little rhubarb in your cider? Maybe some apricot. Sour cherry? A bit of Marionberry suit you? How about this: mix a bit of the floral and tropical Moscato grape into your apple cider. And yes, they make a couple straight hard apple ciders too. The project is indeed experimental and each and every cider we tasted was flawless, thirst quenching and fun. Some of these ciders come off as less serious than their Traditions line up as well as others, but I’ve not come across a cider producer with more spit in their whistle than these guys. I recommend you either find their ciders and try them all, or head to the 2 Towns Ciderhouse Tap Room they’ve recently opened


2 Towns “Rhubarbarian” Rhubarb Hard Cider2 STARS
2 Towns “Cherried Away” Sour Cherry & Hibiscus Hard Cider — 2.5 STARS

2 Towns “Made Marion” Marionberry Hard Cider2.5 STARS
2 Towns “Cot in the Act” Apricot Hard Cider2.5 STARS
2 Towns Cidre Muscato — 3 STARS
2 Towns “The Bad Apple” Semi-Dry Hard Cider — 3.5 STARS
2 Towns “BrightCider” Hard Apple Cider 2.5 STARS


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