Sonoma Cider is Spreading the Craft Cider Word Across the U.S.

SonomaCiderlogoOne of the challenges of the growing craft cider movement is distribution. With the large, commercial brands dominating the national market and serving to define what hard cider is in the U.S., the efforts of smaller, more craft-oriented cidermakers generally goe unseen save for their local distribution. Sonoma Cider, a relatively new craft cidermaker located in the cider mecca of Sonoma County is looking to change that.

Not only are Sonoma Cider’s product line up filled with three very good craft products, its distribution across the country is impressive, and growing all the time. Currently, Sonoma Cider distributes its bottled products in Texas, Nevada, Washington State, Oregon, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Illinois and nearly every major market in California.

That a number of America’s craft cideries find distribution outside their own state is important in order to provide evidence that the cider market is not made up primarily of over-sweet, over carbonated apple products. The team at Sonoma Cider had this goal in mind from the very beginning and that team is made up of veteran beverage industry individuals.

Leading the show at Sonoma Cider is Founder, CEO and Cidermaster David Cordtz. Cordtz has sonCid3marketed beverages including wine, teas, sparkling soft beverages, as well as Cider while with Ace Cider, also in Sonoma.

Among the cornerstones of the Sonoma Cider marketing effort is emphasis on the fact that every apple or pear that goes into their products is organic. This, the gluten-free character of cider, the aggressive marketing of the Sonoma Cider brand and the quality of the three ciders it produces has quickly propelled the visibility of the Sonoma Cider brand well beyond most other craft-oriented ciders.

Our review of the Sonoma Cider products found them to be a very solid trio that trade on a purity of flavor and aroma, identifying them as craft-oriented quality producers. Read The Cider Journal’s reviews of the three Sonoma Cider offerings:

Sonoma Cider’s “The Hatchet” Apple Cider
Sonoma Cider’s “The Pitchfork” Pear Cider
Sonoma Cider’s “The Anvil” Apple Cider

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