The Cider Journal’s Top 10 Craft Ciders of 2015

top10The Cider Journal has now published 250 separate reviews of ciders produced around the world, making it one of the largest sources of reviews of cider anywhere on the planet.

However, 2015 was particularly exciting as we came across and number of craft ciders that we believed were spectacular and worth a search if they can’t be found near you. Yet, in the interest of space, we have chosen our TOP 10 Ciders of 2015.

In order to break into the Cider Journal top 10, we were looking for a combination of both quality and value. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find value within the craft cider world. The best ciders in the world rarely cost more than $20 and are worth every penny. Finally, I want to thank all the cideries who sent samples to the Cider Journal in 2015. Though we purchase more than half of the ciders we review, the samples are much appreciated.


2012 EZ Orchard Cidre Dry — 5 STARS —$15.00/ 750ml (Oregon)
Kevin Zelinsky is a master of revealing the nature of the apple. This beautiful, perfectly rendered, balanced cider is an example of why he is so looked up to by cidermakers and cider geeks alike.

2014 Eve’s Autumn’s Gold Sparkling Dry Cider5 STARS— $15.99 / 750ml (New York)
The first of three ciders from Eve’s to make our Top 10 in 2015. The 2014 Autumn’s Gold is perfectly structured and sports an astonishingly vibrant and expressive nose.

2012 Acebal El Carrascu Natural Cider — 4.5 STARS — $11.99 / 700ml. (Astruria, Spain)
One of the best and most complete Spanish ciders we have ever tasted. Great typicity, incredibly refreshing.

2014 Eve’s Cider Albee Hill Dry and Still — 4.5 STARS — $11.99/ 750ml (New York)
One of the most exciting ciders being made today. From a single orchard above the cider and produced with an array of heirloom and traditional cider apples. An opulent and intriguing cider.

2014 Eve’s Cider Beckhorn Hollow Sparkling Dry Cider — 4.5 Stars —$15.99/ 750 (New York)
Great cider, whether sweet or dry, whether sparkling or dry, is defined by a harmony of acid, tannin and alcohol. This cider may be the best balanced we’ve ever tasted.

2014 Finnriver Fire Barrel Cider — 4.5 STARS —$10 / 500ml (Washington)
The boldest cider in our 10 Ten. There is great dedication and history behind this cider.

2014 Shacksbury Classic Craft Cider — 4.5 STARS — $9.00/ 500ml. (Vermont)
This is beautifully make cider that keeps the drinker’s nose dipping into the glass constantly to get another whiff of what are a truly complex mix of a myriad of aromas.

Les Vergers du Cotentin Brut — 4.5 STARS — $13.00 / 750ml. (Paye d’Auge, France)
An incredibly elegant Normandy cider that sports fine balance and expressive flavors.

Stem Ciders Le Chene Barrel Aged Dry Hard Cider — 4.5 STARS — $13.00 / 750ml. (Colorado)
A beautifully crafted dry hard cider from Colorado. It’s clean and interesting and is notable for a great complexity of aromas.

Txopinondo Sagarnoa Cidre — 4.5 STARS — $10.00 / 750ml. — (Basque Region, France)
A Basque-style cider that has an enormous amount of interesting aromas and flavors stuffed into it.

5 Responses to “The Cider Journal’s Top 10 Craft Ciders of 2015”

  1. Peggy Haine

    Wow! So good to see Eve’s doing so well. She’s definitely one of our favorites. There are a number of very fine up-and-coming cideries here in the Finger Lakes. I hope you’ll have a chance to sample them all. Especially good are South Hill Cider and Black Diamond.

  2. tomwark

    The South Hill SoundPost fell just barely outside the top 10. Beautiful cider. And their Pomeau is awesome.


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