The Granddaddy of Cider Summits is Coming

seattleCiderSummitThe booming craft cider industry has figured out that one of the best ways to promote cider in general is to let the people taste it. As a results, craft cidermakers across the country are supporting numerous cider tastings, events, festivals and, of course, Summits. The granddaddy of public cider tastings is scheduled for September 11 and 12: The Seattle Cider Summit.

Produced by The Northwest Cider Association, SBS Imports, and the Seattle Beer Collective, the Seattle Cider Summit will celebrate its 6th year bringing craft cider from across the globe to cider geeks, the cider curious and local hospitality professionals. For the 2015 incarnation, more than 150 different ciders will be poured.

WA-Cider-Week-2013-LogoThe producers of the Seattle Cider Summit also produce similar events in Portland, Chicago and San Francisco.

What often goes overlooked but which is a very important aspect of an event like the Seattle Cider Summit is the opportunity it provides to beverage directors and buyers at restaurants and retail shops. As restaurants in particular feel a need to have at least one if not many more ciders on their drinks menu, events showcasing 150 different ciders demonstrates there is more to cider than bottles and taps of angry sweet liquid. In fact, there are a myriad of styles of cider that work wonderfully no matter the genre of food on the menu.

Planned in conjunction with the Seattle Cider Summit is Washington Cider Week, a ten-day (In the cider world, seven days just isn’t enough) celebration produced by the Northwest Cider Association that features many events around the state that will feature dinners and tasting events. It’s a great way for the industry to extend its visibility and for cider lovers to get a more in-depth look into the world of Northwest cider.

Tickets for the two-day Seattle Cider Summit are on sale and cost $30.00 per person



2 Responses to “The Granddaddy of Cider Summits is Coming”

  1. Kate

    I will be trying to sample as many ciders as I can, but it’ll be tough to make a dent in a list of 150. Should be awesome!

  2. Tim - brewer in Cincy

    $30 is a steal for this event! I’ll be stuck in Cincy! Quick question: on my way home from vacation I picked up a gallon of peach cider coming home through GA. Outside of pitching yeast in it, does anyone have any suggestions for an awesome cider? I’m considering adding some sage to the mix on a secondary.


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