The Greatest (Cider) Show On Earth

PortlandCiderSumitThe single best method for drinkers to experience the thrill of real, craft cider is finding themselves in a situation where they are confronted with a plethora of such drinks. And the single best way for craft cider producers to migrate the casual consumer of commercial apple-based alcohol to consumers of craft cider is to participate in opportunities where the consumer is given access to many such gems.

The Cider Summits are the best example in the country of just such an event.

The upcoming Portland Cider Summit is one of the best opportunities for craft cider producers and cider drinkers to introduce themselves to one another. Equally important is that it takes place in Portland—practically “ground zero” of the Cider Renaissance.

The fifth annual Portland Cider Summit event will take place Friday, June 19 from 2pm-8pm and Saturday, June 20 from 12 Noon-6pm. CLICK TO RESERVE TICKETS.

There are now upwards of 50 unique cideries in the state of Oregon, due largely to the state’s tradition of apple growing, as well as to its early adoption of the craft lifestyle. Indeed some of the finest cideries in America hail from Oregon including Wandering Aengus, EZ Orchards, Hedgerow Cidery, Tradition Ciderworks, and Reverend Nat’s.


But the upcoming Portland Cider Summit will not only include a number of Oregon cideries, but also cideries
from across the country and across the globe. This is what makes it and the other Cider Summits is Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco such an extraordinary opportunity to explore the breadth of the craft cider world.

Look for future articles at The Cider Journal on how to navigate the prospect of 150+ ciders waiting to be sampled at the upcoming Portland Cider Summit.

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