Top Five Reasons To Drink Hard Cider on the 4th of July

WashAdamsJeffIndependence Day is one of my most favorite holidays primarily because it provides Americans with a unifying reason to celebrate: The founding of our country. Additionally, the celebrations across the country tend to be social, communal and region specific. And, importantly, it’s a perfect excuse to eat and drink well.

All that said, there is no question that the official drink of Independence Day could only be hard cider. In fact, there are five good reasons why all Americans should be drinking had cider tomorrow.


1. IT’S ALL AMERICAN! Hard Cider was the original American alcohol of choice, used and drunk by nearly everyone in the colonial era (including children). It is likely that a significant portion of Americans, upon hearing word of the Declaration of Independence were holding a tankard of cider.

2. ALCOHOLIC AND REFRESHING. There really is nothing else like hard cider when it comes to wanting to feel the slight effects of alcohol while also quenching one’s thirst on a hot Independence Day. Cider is usually between 4% and 8% alcohol (low enough that one doesn’t have to worry too much about consequences if three or four glasses are in your future. Additionally, hard cider having a generally lighter body than beer and wine and having generally a good dose of acidity means it will do all the thirst quenching you need

3. IT GOES GREAT WITH 4TH OF JULY FOOD. Barbecue? Yep, the cider’s acidity can cut through that grease and sauce. Hot Dogs and Sausages? That Farmhouse Cider you found from the local cidery will elevate the dog.

4. PERFECT FOR THAT “KEEP IT LOCAL” APPROACH. There are craft cideries now in nearly every state. The Fourth of July often revolves around local specialties and cider is a perfect addition to tradition where keeping it local is important.

5. IF IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE FOUNDERS, IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other founders lived on the stuff. Jefferson and Washington both made it. If we are going to use Independence Day to celebrate the bravery, courage, gumption and brilliance of the Founding Fathers, the least we can do is hoist the same beverage.


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