The Top Rated French Ciders at The Cider Journal

bouche brutThe various apple and pear ciders now exported to the U.S. from France show a collection of producers who appear decidedly more comfortable with, and guided by, the notion of cider being far more akin to wine than to beer. These ciders tend to deliver the body of fine sparkling wine, the complexity of flavors that hint at terroir and vintage variation and the packaging in champagne-style bottles to sew up the argument.

Over the past two-plus months we have tasted a number of French (mainly Normandy) ciders. They have, together, delivered remarkable quality—stunning in some cases. Below is rundown of the French ciders tasted and reviewed at The Cider Journal. Click on the name of the cider for the full review.

2012 Eric Bordelet Poire Granit 5-STARS
Eric Bordelet Poire Autentique 4.5 STARS

The two Bordelet Poires reviewed here have shown remarkable quality including one of the finest ciders we have yet reviewed, the stunning 2012 Poire Granit. Given the quality being put in the bottle by this producer and given the prices ($17-$25) these bottlings represent some of the best values in the alcohol beverage category.

2012 Le Pere Jules Poire de Normandie 4.5 STARS
Le Pere Jules Cidre de Normandie 4.5 STARS

A relatively easy producer to find in the U.S. Le Pere Jules Poire and Cidre have wowed us with their pure, delicate and piercing flavor profiles


Clos Normand Brut 3 STARS
Domaine de Kerveguen “Carpe Diem” Prestige Cider 3.5 STARS

Sidro Baladin (France) 1.5 STARS (two separate bottles tasted)



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