Top Rated Hard Ciders at The Cider Journal

snowdriftSemiDryOver the past month The Cider Journal has tasted and evaluated a number of ciders from across the globe. Below are the highest rated recently reviewed bottlings. We encourage you to click through and read the written reviews to understand why we recommended these ciders so highly.

Virtue Cider “The Mitten” Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Cider4.5 STARS

Virtue Cider Nichols Farms Estate Series Hard Cider4.5 STARS

Sidre Viuda de Angelon Diamontes de Hielo4 STARS

Castanon 2011 Natural Cider4 STARS

Snowdrift Cider Company Semi-Dry Cider 4 STARS

Traditions Ciderworks 2012 Afton Fields Dry Farmhouse Cider4 STARS

Troy 2013 Wild Fermentation Hard Cider4 STARS


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