Top Rated Recently Reviewed Hard Ciders

Over the past two weeks of tastings and reviews at The Cider Journal, these ciders have stood out above the rest and deserve your special attention. Click on the name of the cider to read the full review.

Tilted LogoTilted Shed 2012 Lost Orchard Cider * * * *
“This is high quality, well-cared for juice that needs drinking


LePereLogosmLe Pere Jules Cidre de Normandie * * * * / * * * * *
“The flavors are pure, Piercing and delicate”

dupont logo-smjpgEtienne Dupont 2012 Organic Cidre Bouche Brut de Normandie
* * * */ * * * * *
“The balance here is notable, and impressive.”

EZlogo-SM2011 EZ Orchard Cidre * * * * *
“This is chart topping hard cider…among the best values in the alcohol beverage channel


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