Upcoming Portland Cider Summit Showcases New Cideries

The 7th Annual Portland Cider Summit is scheduled for June 16 and 17 and what has long been the most important cider even of the year in Portland is becoming even more important — particularly for new cideries.

Of the 65 cideries from across the globe that will have ciders poured at the annual public tasting, a large number of them are relatively new cideries looking to catch your attention for the first time.

We think this is exactly what the Cider Summits should be doing: attracting the newer cideries on the blog and showcasing them for the hardcore cider nerds and trade that show up for this great tasting of ciders. While is always a delight to see the old hands at the Summits and see what’s new with them or how their latest bottling of a tried and true cider is tasting, it’s the excitement of discovery that really makes this event a “must attend”

Among the newerish cideries that will be pouring at the Portland Cider Summit are:

Mission-Trail  (CA)
5 Cider  (OR)
1859 Cider Co (OR)
Alter Ego Cider (OR)
Bad Granny Hard Cider (WA)
Bandon Rain  (OR)
Bauman’s Century Farm  (OR)
Crush Cider Café  (OR)
Incline Cider Co.  (WA)
Jester & Judge  (WA)
La Familia Hard Cider  (OR)
Locust Cider  (WA)
New West Cider  (OR)
Runcible Cider  (OR)
Slopeswell Cider Co.  (OR)
Swift Cider  (OR)
TooleyBender Cider  (WA)
Tumalo Cider Co.  (OR)
Ulee’s Light Cider  (OR)
Woodbox Cider Company (OR)
Wildcraft Cider Works  (OR)
Hi-Wheel Wine & Mead Co. (OR)

All of these cider producers were founded within the last three years and all of them will be pouring a selection of their ciders at the upcoming Portland Cider Summit. Besides being a testament to the importance of Alan Shapiro’s Cider Summit’s, the inclusion of so many new cideries at the event indicate the continued vibrancy of the craft cider business.

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